Patient Survey

Med Learning Group MLG believes it is necessary to develop, implement and measure quality improvement in healthcare in true collaboration with the patient population. Blending high science with the patient perspective and using outcomes measurements that quantify impact on patients’ quality of life is of great value. Such efforts will contribute to the national effort to provide better, more affordable care for individuals and the community.

To this end, Med Learning Group has drawn upon the CDC’s Healthy Days Questionnaire to design a survey for healthcare practitioners to share with their FL patients. The survey seeks to identify factors impacting patients’ QOL and satisfaction with care. The survey includes key questions regarding four main factors that lead to improved quality of care for FL patients – adherence, use of evidence-based treatment, symptom management, and patient-HCP dialogue. Feedback will help identify patient priorities and gaps in care, information that can help guide future disease management decisions.

We encourage patients to take this survey and HCPs to share this survey with your patients. Med Learning Group will promptly analyze the results and provide feedback to HCPs regarding patient priorities and important areas to focus on to further enhance the HCP-patient relationship and overall collaboration. This information can help HCPs and patients work together to address any barriers to optimal patient outcomes and together determine appropriate treatment and management strategies.

To participate, patients please go to the following link and HCPs please share this link with your FL patients:

If you prefer to provide the survey to your patients in hard copy, please email Lauren Welch at for a printable version, and also send results to or fax to Lauren Welch at 202-827-7952. Med Learning Group will analyze results and provide feedback regarding patient priorities and concerns to help guide care.

Please note, this survey will be conducted in a HIPAA compliant manner. Individual patient names will not be requested.